Baffling squirrels and Signs of spring

The weather has remained wet, cold and windy over the last week, making life much harder for the wildlife around us. Most small species have yet again been forced to hide low down away from the weather. Although, there have still been some beautiful sunny spells during which the wildlife has excelled.

Recently, a new bird feeding station has been added to the garden, hoping to increase the diversity and attract even more species of bird.


By now, some of you might be wondering what on earth that strange looking thing is at the base. Well, that is a squirrel baffle:


The squirrel “baffle”.

The squirrel baffle works a treat, there is no way that the squirrel can reach the birdfeeders, provided that you place it so far that they cannot jump from elsewhere. The first time the squirrel ventured up the pole it was certainly ‘baffled’ after knocking its head on the dome above. This baffle has also been attached to the rest of the birdfeeders. I would certainly recommend using the baffle.

If you want to buy the baffle, it is made by Gardman. Most garden centres sell it or if you want, you can buy it off Amazon ( Squirrel Baffle).

N.b. I am not doing this for the purpose of advertisement and I am not receiving any money.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of signs of spring within the pond, with plants starting to grow and emerge from the water again.

I have also spotted my first newts of the year, after returning from hibernation. Hopefully, we will see some more great crested newts, if they return. No sign of any frogs yet though.


Author: Isaac the Ornithologist

Hi, I'm Isaac West, I'm 14 years old and I live in Oxford. I have a huge passion for wildlife, especially birds and I always enjoy being out and about in the wild. I also love wildlife photography and I greatly enjoy taking photos of nature. When I am older, I would love to be involved with nature.

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