The Week in Birds

It has been a fairly quiet week in terms of birds, due to the the arrival of Storm ‘Doris’, a so called ‘weather bomb’, meaning that conditions have been hard, even for the resident red kites over my house, who seemed to find it very hard to stay steady and glide. Not that there would have been much prey around anyway.

Nevertheless, there have been some exciting discoveries around and about.

Earlier in the week, the first pair of bullfinches of the year turned up in the garden and enjoyed themselves very greatly. The male stood out from among the numerous goldfinches, with his beautiful, brightly – coloured orange chest.

The very timid great spotted woodpecker made a few visits, not even daring to venture down to the feeders, but instead it just sat in the trees and watched closely before being frightened by the smallest of things and then quickly flying off into the distance.

On the other hand, this morning, I discovered one of the most tame and fearless goldcrests I have ever seen, venturing well within touching distance. There was even one point when, having heard some tweeting, I looked up into the branches above me, and there sat the little goldcrest, 10cm above me, looking straight down in my face.


The tame and fearless goldcrest

Hopefully, the next week will bring more birds.


Author: Isaac the Ornithologist

Hi, I'm Isaac West, I'm 14 years old and I live in Oxford. I have a huge passion for wildlife, especially birds and I always enjoy being out and about in the wild. I also love wildlife photography and I greatly enjoy taking photos of nature. When I am older, I would love to be involved with nature.

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